MATTEO FORLI - The Dark Room of My Mind

Through Matteo Forlì's lens comes to life "The Dark Room of My Mind", a photographic project brought to fruition with the iconic Ferrania P30 film. In the realm of black and white imagery, contrast becomes one of Matteo's most powerful tools. A skilled photographer, he masterfully captures the essence of light with his discerning eye, beautifully rendered through his lens.This inherent quality is poetically encapsulated in Matteo's work, where he seamlessly weaves time with the silence of timeless absence. Each photograph excavates potential existence with profound meaning, embodying an intimate dialogue a dialectic of contrasts that takes shape within him, emerging as an essential need and expressive urgency long before it transforms into an image.Matteo's photographic journey began in childhood, armed with a Nikon F3 and a Polaroid. As he traversed adolescence, he delved into the realm of reportage, crafting true Docu-Films that chronicled the transformation of landscapes. His work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and festivals, both in Italy and abroad, marking his participation in the vibrant tapestry of visual storytelling.


"In this series with Ferrania P30, I use this silver-rich film to convey powerful and unsettling sensations, capturing places that are still awaiting their destiny." - Matteo Forli