The spirit with which I take these photographs is that of someone composing the family album of Marechiaro, a small village located in the elegant Posillipo district of Naples. The formation of the small bay, made of tuff rocks directly bathed by the sea, and the presence of the ruins of Palazzo degli Spiriti, make this place absolutely unique and exclusive.

A strange energy can be perceived, different from the one that animates the rest of the city of Naples. Walking down Via Marechiaro, heading towards the sea, you can sense the scents of plants that transport you to another dimension. The mood of the people who populate that strip of rock is relaxed, in harmony with the idyllic nature of the place. It is a stretch of coast not easy to reach, but once you have reached it, you are magnetically attracted to it. The city is just a step away, but Marechiaro remains suspended in a timeless bubble, constantly changing while remaining true to itself. A piece of the Tangent Universe.

The project was shot with Ferrania P30, developed by me (mostly in Adox Silvermax or Rollei Supergrain). The camera used is the Leica M2, with a Leica Summilux 35mm f/1.4 v2 lens. 

Ferrania P30 captures the image I have in mind well. That of a timeless world, crystallized in its beauty but evolving. Technically speaking, P30 is a good testing ground for developers, being a film that requires careful study and that delivers great satisfaction if properly exposed and developed.