Ferrania is Back (kinda)

August 2, 2022

We have a brand new “preview batch” of our P30 film, with some new features!

The film inside remains the same stuff that you know and love for its dramatic contrast and rich detail. We are calling this a “preview” because we wanted to get some new film in your hands now, even though full-time global sales will not resume until this fall.

We have made some graphical tweaks to the packaging. These changes are the result of resurrecting some of our in-house machinery - a huge project that we tackled last year. We will leave these changes for you to discover yourself. (Also, we are finally able to add DX coding to the cartridges!)

The biggest addition is something never before seen in the film industry…

Who Am I?

A short explainer video about the new Unique Identifier included with every roll of Ferrania film.

From now on, every roll of film we produce will come with a QR code that links to a secure database, making every roll completely unique!

We have big plans for this new feature, but we’re starting with just the basics.

Scanning the QR code will bring you to a new app we’ve built called Who Am I. This app connects your roll to our database and shows you production information about that specific roll.

Please share with us how you use the QR code. And remember, do not throw them away! Find a place to keep them safe for the future.

More to Come

We are still working out the final details with our production process so that film will flow out continuously. This has been the goal for a long while, and we are so close to reaching this absolutely critical milestone.

Watch our social channels and this page for further announcements in September and October.

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