ALERT - March 25, 2023

We are making final preparations to begin activating Backer credits.

We will send an email to all Backers who have properly registered as described below.

100 More Years of Analog Film

At a critical time in 2014, 5,582 Kickstarter Backers pledged $322,420 to help FILM Ferrania save tens of tons of essential manufacturing equipment before it was scrapped.

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Since 2014, email addresses have changed, Kickstarter accounts were closed - and a lot of backers have fallen out of touch.

If this is the first time you’ve visited in a while, we think these you’ll find these videos helpful.

The Facts in 2023

The equipment from our campaign was saved.

We think this point has gotten lost over time, but it is critically important.

Without your support, it is likely this entire project would have ended in 2014.

We understand the frustration many of you have expressed to us and online, but we hope, as this campaign is resolved, you remain only proud of your contribution.

Making the original rewards is impossible.

For those who have not checked in lately, we wanted to make this perfectly clear.

For a number of reasons we have described many times, a long time ago, the original project is now impossible.

If you need a recap, check the videos on this page, or contact us.

Color film production is still planned for the future, and we will share our progress periodically.

We remain 100% committed to providing a value to our Backers.

If we have not already fulfilled your reward, we will offer a credit equal to your original pledge. This credit will be good for anything in our online shop, and will never expire.

New products will be flowing from the factory throughout 2023, and we fully intend to produce color films in the future.

The Plan


Backers create an account in our online shop.

With this new account you can update your shipping address and receive future Kickstarter-related communications.

When the account is created, you are done. We will match your new account with your Kickstarter information.

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PHASE TWO - Starting Soon

We activate Credits starting with Backer #1.

A number of credits will be issued each week at a rate we can sustain through production and sales. This will continue weekly until all Backers have an active credit in their Ferrania online shop account.

This process will take some time, of course, but we will make all efforts to resolve all coupons at a reasonable rate.