"As a photographer, my vision is deeply rooted in capturing the essence of moments, emotions, and the unique stories that unfold before my lens. I strive to freeze time in a frame, preserving the fleeting beauty that often goes unnoticed in the hustle of everyday life. My approach is to blend technical proficiency with a keen eye for the poetry of the ordinary, creating images that evoke emotion and transcend the confines of a mere photograph.
One of the key elements that fuels my passion for photography is my choice of medium – Ferrania film. Shooting with Ferrania film is an immersive experience that goes beyond the convenience of digital technology. It introduces an element of unpredictability and a nostalgic charm that digital formats often lack. The organic, grainy texture of Ferrania film adds a distinctive character to my images, lending them a timeless quality that resonates with the soul of traditional photography.

There's an art to working with film that involves a deliberate and thoughtful approach to each exposure. The limitations and nuances of Ferrania film challenge me to be more intentional in my compositions, forcing me to slow down and truly engage with my subjects. The process of shooting on film, from loading the roll to developing the negatives, fosters a connection to the craft that is both meditative and rewarding.
In a world dominated by the immediacy of digital photography, my love for shooting with Ferrania film is a rebellion against the fast-paced, disposable nature of modern imaging. It's a deliberate choice to embrace the rich heritage of analog photography, where each frame is a carefully considered creation, and the imperfections are celebrated as part of the art.
Ultimately, my vision as a photographer, combined with the unique qualities of Ferrania film, allows me to create images that stand as timeless pieces of visual storytelling. Through this symbiotic relationship between vision and medium, I aim to evoke emotions, spark memories, and invite viewers to appreciate the beauty that exists in the transient moments of life." - Alec Smith