"Receiving the P33 as a preview was a privilege. I love the P30 for its tenacity and its ability to capture the essence of each subject. Initially, I feared that the P33 might be “softer”, but Ferrania surprised me by managing to create a film with a greater exposure latitude, while maintaining intact that characteristic look that made me fall in love with their brand.

My photographs are an invitation to travel, to explore new cultures and to discover the beauty that hides behind every corner of the planet. The P33 is the perfect tool for capturing these experiences and sharing them with the world." - Gilberto Benni

"This is why the P33 is a real adventure companion. Its versatility allows me to immortalize breathtaking landscapes, intense portraits and evocative details, with always impeccable color rendering. Its versatility therefore makes it ideal for any weather condition, making it my perfect ally on every trip." - Gilberto Benni