"Last summer, I photographed with the P30 films during a trip to Italy on the northern east coast. It was a challenge for me as I typically use films pushed at 800 or at least at 400ISO. I had to slow down and be more careful during the
shooting, taking extra time for composition. Given the film's high contrast, I sought out subjects that would enhance this characteristic. Upon developing the films, the true potential unfolded. I eagerly looked forward to printing the negatives on larger formats starting from 30x40cm. The richness of the negative, especially in the shadows, the definition and the absence of grain made the prints soft and sharp simultaneously. The experience of printing these negatives was fantastic, offering plenty of possibilities and a distinct visual identity." - Joakim Kocjancic

"I’m planning to experiment more with the P30. Especially in the developing part with more diluted developers and longer times, or different kind of developers to impart unique characters to the film based on the subject.So, if you
have the chance, don't scan the negatives; instead, go to the darkroom and print them. You will not regret it. The prints look amazing and are more than well-suited for portraits and landscapes in black and white. - Joakim Kocjancic