Lidia Giusto is a photographer who utilizes light and shadow, contrasts, shapes, and spaces as her means of expression. Her passion for photographing urban archaeology and abandoned industrial environments has led her to travel extensively in Italy and abroad. Lidia focuses her exploration on the interplay between presence and absence, translating it into powerful high-density black and white images. For her, shadow represents the absence of light and light the absence of shadow, capturing time passed but never lost, immortalized in every shot. Her photography captures that precise moment where sharp lines delineate the boundary between light and dark or blur, where absence and presence intertwine. The camera is an extension of her mind, translating thought and interiority into images. Lidia started taking photos as a child with a Nikon F2, and during her teenage years, she delved into the theme of abandoned industrial and civil spaces. She has participated in and exhibited at numerous shows and competitions both in Italy and abroad.

"Taking photographs with Ferrania film takes me back in time, when as a child I immortalized my memories on the Scotch Chrome produced in the factory. To then arrive in April 2017, where, working in Film Ferrania, I saw the birth of the P30 of the new millennium. My favorite film can only be her!". - Lidia Giusto